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Cherry Blossom


McEnroe Ardos, a passionate chef hailing from the dazzling islands of Micronesia, Born and raised on one of the breathtaking Micronesian islands, has a love for the vibrant flavors of his homeland that is deeply rooted in his upbringing.


Throughout his career, McEnroe has worked in restaurants both locally and internationally. He, along with his wife and family, is introducing a novel approach to hibachi-style cuisine and exceptional service. This passion has motivated him to share his delectable dishes with the wider public, leveraging the widespread popularity of food trucks to cater to local communities

Hibachi Chicken
Truck in warehouse


It is our pleasure to serve the greater Gallatin, Hendersonville surrounding areas. We have two fully functional mobile Hibachi trailers/trucks that will come to where you are. 

We are excited to bring Hibachi food to everyone. And here's a little secret, we love small-town events! In fact, we have had the pleasure of serving the chamber of commerce and small business events in most of the surrounding areas.

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